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–Michael Tamblyn,
 CEO, Rakuten Kobo

Books in Browsers Will Take a Break in 2017

Several years ago, Books in Browsers took a one-year hiatus following the realization that “In many ways, the world has long outgrown BiB’s titular references — it’s not just about books, nor about browsers.” We needed a gap year to reexamine the space in which we were working, and to come up with a new vision for our event.

In 2016, we reemerged with a new focus: Visual Storytelling. We hosted an outstanding line-up of speakers who gave us an inside look into the colliding worlds of online media, technology, legacy publishing, and more.

Once again, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The ever-expanding world of digital storytelling has given rise to immense creativity and diversity—and disparity. As a small conference, we sadly can’t explore all facets of this new space. We have to identify more carefully where we should head.

Over many years, Books in Browsers has become a global, innovative community. As event organizers, we want to make sure that the experience we are creating for our community is the best it can be.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to take a year off to analyze this ever-evolving media landscape and to find our niche in it.

—the Books in Browsers team