Beautiful Books: #BiB11

July 20, 2011

An Outline Schedule

October 26-28, 2011

at the Internet Archive
San Francisco, CA USA


Wednesday evening

O’Reilly Media invites. @ The Kabuki Hotel.


Introduction and Welcome. Kat Meyer (O’Reilly Media), Peter Brantley (Internet Archive)

EPUB — out of the box. Bill McCoy (IDPF).
Elegantly On- and Offline. Blaine Cook (Osmosoft), Maureen Evans (Spezzato).

The Network is Overrated. Eric Hellman (Gluejar).
The Ebook’s Ambit. Joseph Pearson (Inventive Labs).


Books in Browsers, 1994-2004. Michael Jensen (NAS).
The Future Now: The Social Book. Bob Stein (SocialBook).


Electric Incunabula: progressive interactive book design. Corey Pressman (Exprima Media).
Beautiful Books. Craig Mod (Flipboard).
The Infinite Canvas. Peter Meyers (Author).


Bookmarks: reports. Todd Carpenter (NISO), Rob Sanderson (LANL), James Bridle (Booktwo), ++.
OPDS v1.1+. Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks).


First Draft of the Revolution: discoverable narratives in digital works. Liza Daly (Threepress).
Arcade: A case study in digital publishing. Roland Greene, Marissa Gemma (Stanford Univ.).

Lagniappe: Libros digitales para todos. Martin Kalfatovic (Smithsonian Institution).



Books in Browsers.  Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive).



Honey to Bees. Eli James (Pandamian).
The Beauty of Web-first Workflows. Hugh McGuire (Bookoven).
Adaptive Web Design. Pablo Defendini (Open Road Media).

Self-publishing tools and platforms. Miral Sattar (BiblioCrunch).
It may be a mob, but it’s my mob. Richard Nash (Cursor Books).
Crowdsourcing Enhanced Ebooks. Ricky Wong (Mobnotate).


Digital books: a new chapter for reader privacy. Nicole Ozer (ACLU)
Owning and owing: balancing reader privacy and ebook business models. Jason Schultz (EFF)


Books as Data. James Bridle (Booktwo/STML).
Unlocking stories. Valla Vakili (Smalldemons).
Beyond the Encyclopedia: Non-linear reference works. Gordon Mohr (Infinithree).


COMA Voyager. Toshiaki Koike, Daihei Shiohama (Voyager Japan).
Shared Canvas. Rob Sanderson (LANL) and Benjamin Albritton (Stanford Univ.)
Beautiful Art (Books). Greg Albers (Hol Art Books).


Competing in an Unpredictable World. Kassia Krozser (Booksquare).
Personalization in Transmedia Storytelling. Kevin Franco (Enthrill).
The opportunity in Abundance. Brian O’Leary (Magellan Media Partners).


Round Tables:

EPUB4: Engineering the networked experience. Bill McCoy (IDPF).