Books in Browsers 2011: Program

July 26, 2011

Detailed Schedule

October 26-28, 2011

@ the Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA

… with major sponsorship from Safari Books Online

Videos of many of these talks are available on O’Reilly Media at YouTube.

Wednesday evening

O’Reilly Media invites. @ The Kabuki Hotel.


08:30-09:00. Initio
Introduction and Welcome. Kat Meyer (O’Reilly Media), Peter Brantley (Internet Archive)

09:00-10:00. Morning session 1.
EPUB — out of the box. Bill McCoy (IDPF).
Elegantly On- and Offline. Blaine Cook (Programmer), Maureen Evans (Author).

10:00-10:15. Break

10:15-11:15. Morning session 2.
The Network is Overrated. Eric Hellman (Gluejar).
The Ebook’s Ambit. Joseph Pearson (Inventive Labs).

11:15-11:30. Break

11:30-12:30. Morning session 3.
Books in Browsers, 1994-2004. Michael Jensen (NAS).
The Future Now: The Social Book. Bob Stein (SocialBook).

12:30-13:30. Lunch

13:30-14:30. Afternoon session 1.
Electric Incunabula: progressive interactive book design. Corey Pressman (Exprima Media).
Beautiful Books. Craig Mod (Flipboard).
The Infinite Canvas. Peter Meyers (Author).

14:30-14:45. Break

14:45-15:45. Afternoon session 2: Standards
Bookmarks: reports. Todd Carpenter (NISO), Rob Sanderson (LANL), James Bridle (Booktwo).
OPDS v1.1+. Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks).

15:45-16:00. Break

16:00-16:45. Afternoon session 3.
First Draft of the Revolution: discoverable narratives in digital works. Liza Daly (Threepress).
Findings: Preliminary Days. Corey Menscher (Findings).

16:45-17:00. Lagniappe
Libros sin fronteras. Javier Celaya (Dos Doce).


17:00-18:00. Optional Round Tables:
EPUB4: Engineering the networked experience. Bill McCoy (IDPF).



17:30-18:30. Reception.
18:30-19:30. Books in Browsers: Ignite.  Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive).


08:30-09:00. Re-engage
Networked books and networked reading. Kevin Kelly (Wired).

09:00-10:00. Morning session 1.
Honey to Bees. Eli James (Pandamian).
The Beauty of Web-first Workflows. Hugh McGuire (Bookoven).
Sly Mongoose: A Responsive Comic. Pablo Defendini (Open Road Media).

10:00-10:15. Break

10:15-11:15. Morning session 2.
Self Publishing Tools and APIs. Miral Sattar (BiblioCrunch).
It may be a mob, but it’s my mob. Richard Nash (Cursor Books).
(Smart) social reading. Ricky Wong (Mobnotate).

11:15-11:30. Break

11:30-12:30. Morning session 3. Privacy and Accessibility
Digital books: a new chapter for reader privacy. Nicole Ozer (ACLU)
Readers and Accessibility. Mary Lou Jepsen (Pixel Qi)

12:30-13:30. Lunch

13:30-14:30. Afternoon session 1.
Books as Data. James Bridle (Booktwo/STML).
To the end, Lew. Valla Vakili (Smalldemons).
Beyond the Encyclopedia: Non-linear reference works. Gordon Mohr (Infinithree).

14:30-14:45. Break

14:45-15:45. Afternoon session 2.
COMA Voyager. Toshiaki Koike, Daihei Shiohama (Voyager Japan).
Shared Canvas. Rob Sanderson (LANL) and Benjamin Albritton (Stanford Univ.)
Beautiful Art (Books) [epub]. Greg Albers (Hol Art Books).

15:45-16:15. Break

16:15-16:55. Afternoon session 3. Business
Competing in an Unpredictable World. Kassia Krozser (Booksquare).
Personalization in Transmedia Storytelling. Kevin Franco (Enthrill).

17:00-17:30. Finale
The opportunity in Abundance. Brian O’Leary (Magellan Media Partners).

Thank you!