2012 Program

Detailed Schedule

October 24-26, 2012

New: videos of most talks from this conference are now available.

@ the Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA

with major sponsorship from:
Safari Books Online and Kobo Books

and further assistance from:
Pearson plc, Don Linn & Assoc., Firebrand Technologies, VitalSource Technologies, Voyager Japan, Goodreads, Enthrill Books, Frankfurter Buchmesse, and Green Apple Books!.

Wednesday evening

17:30-20:00 O’Reilly Media invites.
@ The Kabuki Hotel.


08:30-09:00. Initio
Kat Meyer (O’Reilly Media), Peter Brantley (Internet Archive). Introduction and Welcome.

09:00-10:00. Morning session 1.
Craig Mod – Subcompact Publishing
Brian O’Leary (Magellan Media Partners) – The library within us.

10:00-10:15. Break

10:15-11:15. Morning session 2.
Adam Witwer (O’Reilly Media) – We’ve got the tools. Let’s start using them.
John Maxwell (Simon Fraser Univ.) – The Webby Future of Structured Markup: Not Your Father’s XML.
Laura Dawson (Bowker) – When a book is not a book.

11:15-11:30. Break

11:30-12:30. Morning session 3.
Miral Sattar (BiblioCrunch) – You’ve picked an authoring plaform. Now what?
Ricky Wong, Feng Hu (MobNotate) – Enabling Discovery through linking
Hugh McGuire (Pressbooks) – Authoring for Discoverability.

12:30-13:30. Lunch

13:30-14:30. Afternoon session 1.
Michael Tamblyn (Kobo Books) – /data lessons/
Chris Conley (ACLU) – Digital Books and dotRights.

14:30-14:45. Break

14:45-15:45. Afternoon session 2
Anna Lewis (ValoBox) – Books in browsers … what next?
Henrik Berggren (Readmill) – Learnings from a year of building a service for readers.
Peter Collingridge (Enhanced Editions) – Failure is an option.

15:45-16:00. Break

16:00-17:00. Afternoon session 3.
Stefanie Syman (The Atavist) – The Reader Experience.
Pablo Defendini (Safari Books Online) – Reading on the big screen.

17:00-17:30. end-of-day

Ben Moskowitz (Mozilla) – Making Popcorn.



17:30-18:30. Reception
18:30-19:30. Internet Archive presents

[Dinner on your own].



08:30-09:00. Re-engage
Mary Lou Jepson (Pixel Qi). Overworked Eyes: How can screens be easier on the eyes?

09:00-10:00. Morning session 1.
Liza Daly and Keith Fahlgren (Safari Books Online) – The self-publishing book.
Maureen Evans and Blaine Cook (Poeti.ca) – Dear Editor: conversation in an electronic age.

10:00-10:15. Break

10:15-11:15. Morning session 2.
Bill McCoy (IDPF) – Teaching the browser EPUB 3 (and learning on the way).
Daniel Buchner (Mozilla) – Custom Elements and <book /> – Returning the Web to Authorship.
Liz Castro (Pgs, Gourds, & Wikis) – Zen* and the art of the modular book.

11:15-11:30. Break

11:30-12:30. Morning session 3.
Nancy Ruenzel (Peachpit Press) – Lessons from the ebook foundry.
Ron Hogan (Beatrice) – Beatrice: My foray into self-publishing.
Kate Pullinger (author) – Having My Cake.

12:30-13:30. Lunch

13:30-14:30. Afternoon session 1.
Matt MacInnis (Inkling) – The Death of the Ten Dollar Text File
Masaaki Hagino (Voyager Japan) – Simpler, Smaller, Stronger (and video).
Ron Martinez (Aerbook) – Books in Clouds.

14:30-14:45. Break

14:45-15:45. Afternoon session 2.
Matthew Cavnar (Vook) – Across devices.
Adam Hyde (FLOSS Manuals) – Social Book Production.
Tobias Green (Playlab London) – The Written World.

15:45-16:00. Break

16:00-16:45. Afternoon session 3.
Kassia Krozser (Booksquare) – What Do Readers Want? Books! How Do They Want Them? Every Way Possible!.
Kevin Franco (Enthrill) – Endpaper Engine.

16:45-17:00. Finale
Tschüss! Until next time!


Thank you!